Thursday, June 15, 2017

A poet I am not

Quite some time ago, I was asked by a co-worker if I ever wrote about my hometown. I hadn't really thought of it before. I suppose everything I write has some origins in my hometown, whether planned of subconsciously. Some root, or filament, connecting it to the place I have always lived. But, had I ever written specifically about it? No, I decided, I had not. So, I took pen to paper and tried to write about the place I was born and raised, where my daughter was born and raised, and now my granddaughter. It wasn't so easy. I scrambled to put something together that was meaningful, yet all I had achieved was a stack of notes, descriptions that came to mind, places, people, feelings. It wasn't at all a cheery perspective. I tried for two years to assemble these thoughts into a story, with no success. It wasn't working. So, I thought, why not use those fragments in a poem? Now, I'm no poet. I haven't written any poetry for almost thirty years. But, it seemed the words felt more at home in verse than in paragraph, and so, this, for whatever it's worth was the final result. Being unschooled in poetry, its form and structure and such, I can't say if it is done properly, poorly, or if I should burn the whole thing and eat the ashes, but this is what I have.

The Crumbling

(I have to share via a link to Dropbox due to formatting difficulty. It's safe...don't be scared!)


Monday, April 17, 2017

Chapbooks: A Disturbing Series of Horrors

A while back a few friends and I, obviously bored, drunk, and of unsound mind, decided it would be fun to do a series of chapbooks, short books containing a few short stories. We thought, what if one of us, each month, came up with a theme or prompt and we each wrote a short based upon it. We would rotate who got to choose and go from there. Little to no direction, genre, or anything. We wanted to keep these stories in as raw a form as possible. To experiment with form and structure. To basically just have fun and see what came of it. Well, after a year of procrastination, we finally have a few to show. I was hoping to
make these free on Kindle, but Amazon had other ideas, and so $.99 was the best I could do. So far we have three available for Kindle,'Fresh Flesh Fables', 'Livor Mortis Lullabies,' and 'Fresh Flesh Fables: Contamination', but there are more on the way, with equally odd and disturbing themes. I'll be updating this post as they are available. Eventually we'd like to combine all the chapbooks into one and publish a paperback, but that's a ways off yet. We hope you like the stories we've created in these little books. The first two have stories by just two of us, but later books will 
have stories by three or four authors, one being a screenwriter, so I've tried to keep his formatting as true to the original as possible for that bit of Hollywood flare. So, sit back, crack open a beer, and prepare yourself for some horrific stuff.
You can always check out my Amazon author page for more titles and information by clicking here: My Amazon Page.