Friday, April 18, 2014

A No Story Easter

crazy artwork by Jim Boring

Sadly I wasn't able to complete the short Easter story I wanted to post this weekend. Life and my paying job got in the way as usual. It was basically going to be a warm, fuzzy feel-good tale about a group of teens who decide to go camping one Easter weekend and are, in the middle of the night, attacked and torn to shreds by cute man-eating bunnies that pop up out of the ground.

I know what you're thinking...Guy, that doesn't sound like a story you'd write. Bunnies? Good times? Flesh ripped from bone around a warm camp fire? Well, it's the holiday I guess. Must have softened my spirit.

But, don't worry. My friend and I are working on something that will make up for it all. Something even the mentally ill will shun. So, in the meantime, have a wonderful Easter, and remember, blood-lusting bunnies are among us. There's probably one watching you right this minute!

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