Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Short Story Junky

I'm a passionate short story reader, constantly scouring the internet for new stuff to read. I find the medium fascinating and full of potential, even if it is slowly becoming a lost art.

I thought I'd post a few shorts I've read recently, and I'll continually add to it over time.

Beautiful Sorrows- Mercedes M Yardley
Loosely Enforced Rules- Anthony Rapino
Dark Companions- Ramsey Campbell
Little Bernie's Map- Troy Aaron Ratliff
The Uninvited Guest- Troy Aaron Ratliff
Flotsam- Troy Blackford
Strange Way Out- Troy Blackford
Truck Stop- JA Konrath
Fluffs- Daniel Russell
Wool- Hugh Howey
If At First- Peter Hamilton
In The Tall Grass- Stephen King, Joe Hill
Mile 81- Stephen King
Throttle- Stephen King, Joe Hill
Welcome To Moon Hill- Anthony J Rapino 
The Lottery- Chris Martinez
The Basement- Chris Martinez

Monday, December 16, 2013

Flash Fiction

I had never attempted to write any flash fiction before, stories ranging in length from 100-500 words, or even less, but decided to try it as it's all the rage these days on the internet, perhaps due to people's growing shortness of attention spans.

The idea I had involved a set of conjoined twins (yeah, I know, I just gave the ending away, but's only a few paragraphs long, so who cares), one of which is criminally insane. I could have easily stretched this out into a long short story, or even a novella, but I thought the briefness of it made it more creepy.

The good people over at Death Throes Webzine were kind enough to publish my short short piece on their blog. They have a great web magazine with always changing fiction thats well worth a read.

***(The magazine lost it's blog where this story was published during a re-design. I don't know when or if they will be getting it back intact)***

Spotlight Indi

                                       Troy Blackford

Troy Blackford What can I say, other than he's one of my favorite indi authors out there. His style reminds me of an early Jack Ketchum. Dark, eerie, speculative fiction with a ton of imagination. His  latest book, "For Those With Eyes to See", here on Amazon is one of two collections of short stories, most of which have been published in some of the finest venues online and print, and has been met with much positive reviews and ranked quite high on the Amazon marketplace. For a guy who writes his stories aboard a noisy bus commuting to and from work daily, he's one of the best and most successful new indi writers out there.

I certainly cannot recommend his work enough, and encourage you to browse his Amazon site and pick up any of his books. His novella trilogy will be coming into completion in the near future, following "Critical Incident" and "Emergent Pattern", an action-packed series that will have you on the edge of your seat.  A stand alone novella, "Through the Woods", my personal favorite, about weird paranormal cats and other strange creatures, will have you eyeballing your household felines a bit more cautiously.

I hope you can support this young mans wonderful writing. He has been an inspirational influence for me getting my own writing kick-started, and I wish nothing but further success for him.