Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Short Story Junky

I'm a passionate short story reader, constantly scouring the internet for new stuff to read. I find the medium fascinating and full of potential, even if it is slowly becoming a lost art.

I thought I'd post a few shorts I've read recently, and I'll continually add to it over time.

Beautiful Sorrows- Mercedes M Yardley
Loosely Enforced Rules- Anthony Rapino
Dark Companions- Ramsey Campbell
Little Bernie's Map- Troy Aaron Ratliff
The Uninvited Guest- Troy Aaron Ratliff
Flotsam- Troy Blackford
Strange Way Out- Troy Blackford
Truck Stop- JA Konrath
Fluffs- Daniel Russell
Wool- Hugh Howey
If At First- Peter Hamilton
In The Tall Grass- Stephen King, Joe Hill
Mile 81- Stephen King
Throttle- Stephen King, Joe Hill
Welcome To Moon Hill- Anthony J Rapino 
The Lottery- Chris Martinez
The Basement- Chris Martinez

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