Friday, January 3, 2014

Spotlight Indi

Anthony J. Rapino    

Anthony is one of those horror writers I wish would write faster, or more, or something, because his style is addicting. His fiction lives in a pretty dark corner of the world, but does so, mostly, without resorting to splatter and gore. One of my favorite Rapino books is his collection of shorts, "Welcome to Moon Hill". Every story within takes place in the sleepy, yet wonderfully spooky village of  Moon Hill, PA. This is a fantastic collection and I hope he has more in the works.

Another excellent book by Anthony is his end of the world thriller, "Soundtrack to The End of The World". It's a fast-paced zomie-like adventure with characters I really enjoyed and grew to know.

Anthony has a great website where he's constantly running special promotions and giveaways. His Candy Corn Apocalypse 'box of dread' giveaway is an awesome opportunity to win some great prizes, and it's free to sign up. His site also has links to all his writing, most of which is not available on Amazon. 

So stop on by Mr Rapino's website and check out some of his work. You won't be sorry, and you'll soon be like myself, impatiently awaiting his next novel or short or audiobook.


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