Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Robbed of Sleep

Robbed of Sleep: Stories to Stay Up For, Volume 2 is now available for your e-reader and in paperback at Amazon. Edited by Troy Blackford, this second volume is packed with chilling tales from a wide range of authors, including myself.

My contribution, The Sunshine Club, is a warning to all to be sure to buy things from cute little kids who come knocking on your door. This was really the first short story I've put so much work and effort into. But, I owe a lot of thanks to Jimmy Boring and Tony Weiman, who helped me turn a very rough draft into something readable, and of course, Troy Blackford who help immensely with the final draft.

Available as it is right before Christmas, what better gift than the thoughtful, warm, cozy gift of nightmares for your loved ones. This volume, as well as volume one, would make a great gift for any horror and dark fiction fans in your lives.Plus, it'll make me really happy.

Visit Amazon by clicking the link below to get your copy today!
Robbed of Sleep 2
And now also available in paperback!

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  1. Ok so just started reading Robbed of Sleep and I am loving the stories. From the sick and twisted minds, for the sick and twisted minds, what could be better to drift off asleep to.........