Monday, March 28, 2016

An Easter tale to delight!

This is yet another unfinished, unedited story, one I had started years ago and then put aside for some reason. It's just a gory, vile, silly little thing, but was fun to write. Yeah, I know, I'm late, as Easter has come and gone.

Adam lay beside Racheal, tucked snuggly into the sleeping bag, a single green LED camp light casting a soft glow within their tent. The rhythmic chirping of early spring desert crickets was interrupted with the less that rhythmic grunts and moans coming from the adjacent tent, where Brian and Leslie were well within a make-out session, the second such endeavor since the foursome retired to their tents that night.

                “God, I hope we don’t sound that stupid when we do it,” Rachel said, eliciting a mutual laugh as they stared up at the tent canvas, unable to put the commotion out of earshot or mind.

                Deciding he might as well partake in the action, Adam leaned over and kissed Racheal, softly at first, and then more deeply. He moved his hand to her warm body and cupped her right breast, feeling its smooth warm roundness. He could feel her nipple hardening against his palm, goosebumps piling up along her firm body as they both became more aroused. He worked up the courage to slide his hand further down her quivering body, to her stomach and then her hips and then-

                Racheal’s body spasmed violently, jerked up, arching her back. She coughed abruptly, covering Adam’s face in a hot sticky mess. He pulled back and wiped his face with the back of his hand. It was covered in thick blood that dripped onto his chest and ran down to his elbow.

                “Jesus, Rach….you ok?” He started to bend back towards her when she wretched upwards again, her right breast exploding in a volcano of blood and gore. Fuck, that could have been his hand just seconds ago, was all he could think at that instant. The gaping hole where her perfect breast had been just seconds earlier, filled with a blood marred white furry rabbit, its razor sharp teeth gnashing madly in the green light.

                Adam fell back, screaming, scrambling to remove himself from the confines of the sleeping bag, trying desperately to flee the tent and the terrors within. Just as he finally freed his legs and began his frantic search for the flap zipper, Racheal’s face exploded as another bunny burst through her head. Brains and shattered skull rained against the inside of the tent and Adam in clumps of viscus goo.

                Adam escaped the tent, nearly toppling it in the process and stumbled towards the fire pit that had burned itself down to mellow coals. Puffs of dust filled the desert night all around him as more and more of the terrible little white bunnies sprung from the dry land, their insane teeth clicking and clacking hungrily.

                He turned toward the other tent and saw Brian’s body sprawled in the dirt just paces from its opened flaps, three large bloody holes blown through his twisted torso. Each hole filled with a small white bunny head that turned and inspected him with dastardly pink eyes.

                Brian and Leslie’s tent stirred, shifted violently. Adam watched in horrified fascination as Leslie stumbled from within, a gaping wound torn through her side flowing with an impossible amount of blood, shattered rib bones protruding like storm damaged branches. She make it only a few steps beyond the tent and collapsed beside Brian, her head bouncing in the sand sending up a cloud of dry dust.

                Adam started towards her, but before he can move his legs, Leslie’s back erupted with dual bunny tunnels, and he fell back, stumbling drunkenly almost falling into the smoldering fire pit, before regaining balance and fleeing blindly into the darkened desert night.

                Against whatever improbable odds he faced during his escape, Brian found himself a few hours later seated in the sheriff’s office facing an amused looking deputy sipping coffee from a paper cup.

                “So, you say these little white bunnies just popped up out of the ground and ate your friends?”

                “They didn’t eat them,” Adam explained. “They popped right through them, right from the ground.”

                The deputy eyed him suspiciously. “You been drinking?”

                They had been drinking, but Adam felt more sober than he had ever felt in his entire life right then. Terrified beyond rational thought, but sober nonetheless. Not getting a satisfactory answer from Adam, the deputy decided he’d just have a look himself, just in case something weird was going on. It was a slow night anyways. Maybe a little entertainment was in order.

                From the back of the cruiser Adam directed the deputy to the scene. He didn’t need to be told to stay in the car, despite the deputy’s instruction to do so. He wasn’t getting out for anything. The deputy stepped from the cruiser, clicking on his powerful flashlight and sweeping the area, freezing in place almost instantly.

                “Holy mother of fuck!” he said, taking in the grisly scene before him. He had seen plenty of horrible messed-up shit during his deployment to Iraq, but nothing quite like what he was seeing now. Blood pooled the dirt like entrances to dark caverns. Intestines uncoiled from the ruined destroyed bodies. Bones splintered and broken sprung like dead forests through flesh and around ragged holes bored through the victims. It was like seeing the destruction from a grenade at close quarters, but worse. Much worse he thought.

                “Fuck, get back in here, man,” Adam whispered as he watched the deputy take in all the horror. He realized he was trapped, locking in the rear of the car, away from the radio and guns and any form of help. He was about to yell out to the deputy to return to the safety of the car when a sudden burst of dust erupted and a bunny catapulted right up the deputy’s ass and exited through his neck, splattering the cruiser’s windshield with blood.

                Adam recoiled, slumping as far into the seat as he could, as the hollowed body of the deputy fell to the ground. It was then that he saw something new amongst the gore and brutal remains. Colorful eggs sat cradled within the remains of Brian and Racheal, almost festive looking if not for the stinking nest in which they were placed.

                As he stared at the eggs, bewildered, he noticed they were changing. One by one they begin to crack and split open, their insides not as wonderfully colorful as their outsides. No, the insides were dark and menacing. And then something beyond the previous horrors of the night emerged from each, and Adam screamed as his mind severed its cord with sanity.

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